Report on the Special Committee on Climate Change

BY: Marilia Magnitis

The first day was a very productive as well as fun day for the SCCC.

The explanation and tips on lobbying from the chairs, although helpful and concise, seemed to be almost needless when the delegates got into it, as they were really confident, prepared and excited about it. Of course, the chairs continued going around to each and every delegate passing on tips, which can only arise from their experience, and the delegates took them into consideration and seemed to be respectful and diplomatic amongst themselves.

Everyone’s excitement was obvious when they moved on to the debating of a few clauses. They presented their accurate knowledge and were able to productively explore every viewpoint in a respectful manner. The discussion was heated as innovative and even controversial solutions were suggested, which were explained thoroughly and later on challenged through constructive points that had been raised. Everyone – highly passionate about the topic – sought for detail and considered both short- and long-term solutions and wasn’t afraid to ask for clarifications if needed. Thankfully, no one’s effort had gone unappreciated, and they could skilfully answer every point raised concisely, as well as judge whether an idea will be effective in each country or not, individually. The SCCC also managed to fit in a few jokes in this, none of which had overstepped any boundaries, leading to the chairs’ love confession to the delegates.

Undoubtedly, all of the gifted people in the SCCC are excited to continue working on their resolution, which will be one of the finest qualities. Everyone is preparing for the biggest day of MEDIMUN, Saturday, in which most of the debating took place.