Article on the Security Council

BY: Marilia Danae Patsalidou  and Maria Stylianou

           The day started with the delegates of each country stating out the actions that have been carried out by their countries for the situation in the Maldives, Yemen and Kashmir through their opening speeches. Afterwards they started lobbying and discussing their clause so they can support each other as allies. The debate of the day was focused on the situation of the Maldives. The debate began by the delegate of Kuwait stating the need for consistent contributions of nations towards the suggested implementations and the converging ideas that have been agreed in the Paris Agreement. His positions had not been accepted by the majority of the delegates and his clause was not accepted.

The floor was then given to the delegate of the Kingdom of Netherlands who was so passionate about everything. His speech was really entertaining as all the delegates, even himself, were laughing by the way he was expressing his ideas and thoughts. Some delegates couldn’t hold their tears from laughing. The delegate of Russia went against the sub-clause expressed by the delegate of the Kingdom of Netherlands calling it ‘ineffective’, and ‘unrealistic’. His clause was not so convincing as the delegates of the Security Council and 9 delegates expressed their veto. The clause of Russian Federation was about the restoration and preservation of coral reefs by suggesting a serious act that can be carried out by Non-Governmental Organisations. The clause was accepted in a positive approach by the delegates. The clause presented by USA had some constructive ideas and practical solutions in order to address the issue that Maldives is facing. The majority of the participants found these ideas acceptable and the clause was passed successfully. The last clause for the day presented by France was addressing the need of the UN contribution by sponsoring various researches and acts in order to mitigate as much as possible the impact of rising sea levels. Supporting speech was addressed by UK’s delegate and following that clause was passed and thus we reached the conclusion of the day.

It was an overall fruitful debate, where all the delegates enjoyed their time, and were excited  for the next day’s session.