Report of GA1


BY: Lucilia Demetriou

In GA1, we started off with the ground-breaking question, ‘umm what’s the Wi-Fi password?’. So, the conference began with a projected word document displaying this precious password. But before we rush into how the conference actually began, there is a lot to think about in the moments leading up to the beginning. First, everyone arrives looking immaculate, the politicians and lawyers of the future that will one day represent our generation are sitting in this room, chewing their pencils and chatting away.

Icebreakers create a friendly atmosphere, especially when they involve throwing paper at the Chairs. To start off, everyone had to share three things about themselves, one comment being ‘I ride horses not people’. Soon after, the delegates were encouraged to write a shocking experience on a piece of paper and then throw it at the chairs. You can imagine the chaos that followed.

Soon it is time for serious work to commence and, after Panayiotis accidentally projected his history coursework for everyone to see, the lobbying process begins.

Once lobbying was completed, the first debate took place. Its main aim was to decipher which song the late-coming delegates were to sing. The votes were unanimous and ‘What does the fox say’ was the clear winner. After that crucial problem was solved, it was time for the rest of the debates to begin.

Five minutes of reading time was offered to the delegates once the first resolution was presented. This was then followed by a speech given by the delegate of Palestine who then yielded the floor to the delegate of Mexico. The speech against, was given by the delegates of the UK, DPRK and France, respectively.

Votes for: 26

Votes against 17

Most repeated phrase: ‘Could the delegate please refrain from using personal pronouns?’ and ‘Big Yikes’ (courtesy of one of the Chairs, Anastasia Alexandrova Popova)