Report on GA4

BY: Güzay Özverir

The quick summary of a long yet blissful day

9:00: The guest speaker; Nicolas Mouros had a wonderful speech on the main topic of Medimun Cyprus 2020 session; climate change.

9:35: Thee regulation of cross border air pollution debate 2 has started.

10:10: The voting procedure took place but unfortunately the resolution did not pass.

11:05: Emphasis was given to the 3rd topic of endangered species  and the 1st debate has started.

11:50: The voting procedure; fortunately the resolution passed.

11:55: Emphasis on the 1st topic of euthanasia debate has started.

12:30: The resolution has passed. Clapping is order.

12:40: Energisers took place

13:15: Topic 2 began highlighting issues of endangered species during its 2nd debate

14:00: The voting procedure; fortunately the resolution passed.

14:55: Time for Topic 3. Once again there were mentions of endangered species during the 3rd  debate.

15:40: Resolution was amended

15:50: The voting procedure began, but unfortunately the resolution did not pass.

16:00: Topic 1: voluntary euthanasia debate 2 has started.

17:20: The voting procedure; fortunately the resolution passed.

It was an overall fruitful session

Report on GA4

BY: Güzay Özverir

         When the delegates first came into the room, they were clearly very excited to start working with one another. They felt passionate about the discussions that were going to take place soon enough. The chairs had a personal meeting and warmly greeted all the delegates. Then, they informed the delegates that they will be working in small groups, and the delegates then hurried to their places with a lot of eagerness and began working immediately. Once they decided their view on the discussion, they hastily started planning their resolution. The delegates then glanced through each resolution, one by one, deciding which clauses were the best to use within their joint work. Everyone felt encouraged to participate and contribute to the very intriguing topics.

  After the last break of the day, the delegates were seated to the places dedicated for their countries. They were ready for intense debates! The debate of the day was topic 2: the regulation of cross border pollution. The delegate of Brazil started the debate with a fervent speech in favour of the topic, which was then followed by the delegate Bangladesh. The delegate of some of the countries did not reach to an agreement with the resolution. They congratulated the delegate of Nicaragua, who did not prepare a speech, but he courageously decided to make one right there on the stage. The delegate of Russia, Singapore and France made enthusiastic speeches against the resolution. Unfortunately, this resolution did not pass. Lastly, the chairs did some corrections on how the debate should be carry out and finished up for day 1 of MEDIMUN.