Report on GA3

BY: Lara Tokar

9.15 – After entering the right room and spending too long trying to get everyone in a wonderful picture, a democratic vote is taken to whether sit down and wait until then resolution comes or to have a dancing ice breaker. Most prefer to sit and work on ther resolutions.

9.20 – The first debate begins on the question of improving education for young people in sustainable development.

9.41 – Time for the first resolution elapses and the delegate of Peru takes the floor to deliver her speech against.

9.51- The resolution hasn’t passed. Clapping is not in order. At exactly 10 am – “Resolution Number 6” which is about once more improving education for young people in sustainable development is passed around the room.

At 10.24 am – the resolution passes. Clapping is in order.

10.27 – The chairs say the house is allowed to go for coffee break a little earlier but whoever is not back by 10.49 the latest will have to face a punishment. As two delegates enter at 10.50, they are made to stand at the front and sing for the house. They sing karaoke to Milkshake by Kelis as the house cheers. The third debate begins at 11.10 am exactly

 At 11.50 the voting tames place for an amendment to the resolution presented by the delegate of Bantladesh. The amendment passes and clapping is in order. The resolution as a whole is later voted and it is passed with 39 votes for.

At 11.58 the next debating procedure on the LGBTQ+ rights in military service begins. The house applauds at 12.02 before the first speech as the Approval Committee commends the house for having the most well-structured resolutions.

At 12.24 – The previous voting procedure is repeated as the house is divided due to a significant number of abstentions. With a difference of 1 vote, the resolution doesn’t pass. Following this, a three minute recess is taken where the house dances to YMCA. Following this, the next debate begins with a speech by the delegate of Australia.

1.23pm – The resolution passes. Clapping is in order. After the lunchbreak at 1.30, everyone is back in the GA by 1.55 – except for a few who were late that will receive their punishments following the first debate. The first debate upon returning submitted by the DPRK begins on the question of climate induced migration from Sahel region. Two amendments, one by the delegate of Argentina and the other by the delegate of Russia were submitted. Both pass.

The resolution then passes at 3.07 pm and it is time for the punishment. Following the punishment involving karaoke to Barbie Girl and Superbass, the house moved on to an icebreaker with doing a Q&A with the chairs. Questions included celebrity crushes and favorite….fictional animals?

At 3.48pm reading time for the final resolution is allocated. After a break, at 4.50 the house is back in the GA to complete debating the resolution. An amendment submitted by the delegate of Uruguay is passed and another by the delegate of Norway not passed.

At 4.25 pm with an overwhelming majority of 45 votes for and 7 votes against the final resolution passes and the final punishment for those who were late after the break begins, a dance to Rasputin by Boney M.

 At 5.35 pm the day is wrapped!

Report on GA3

BY: Lara Tokar

  The session began with the chairs announcing that there is a competition for those who chose the question on the climate induced migration. They will have the chance to send in their resolutions to be debated in the actual UN! Then, lobbying in groups of 7-8 began at exactly 9.30 am. The delegates needed to combine their resolutions and decide on a submitter and a co-submitter who would do speeches to present their final resolution.

  Right after the coffee break at 11.30 the opening ceremony began where a speech about global warming and how our generation needs to take immediate action took place.

  Upon returning the room at 12.25 and the roll call was complete, the delegates continued lobbying.

  Later on, the chair of GA2 came in and a video about the competition was shown.

  A problem with the microphone occurred and so everyone had to cover their ears for a little while. The chair of GA2 had to leave.

  It was 1.48 pm and everything was in order, chairs were going around the room checking on everything and answering questions.

  After the second coffee break, the President of the GA rushed into the room to see most of the house dancing to ‘We’re All in This Together’ from High School Musical as punishment for being late.

  At exactly 4.30 a guest speaker, Emilia Strovolidou who is the public info officer in the UNHCR Office in Cyprus, came to highlight the global situation in terms of climate induced migration. She particularly emphasised that the delegates had to remember that there are people behind the figures.

  An hour later, after the fruitful discussion with the speaker is concluded, the first debate began about the role of LGBTQI+ individuals in the military as the delegate of Mexico took the floor to read the first resolution.

  At 5.45pm the time for the first debate elapsed and hence it was time for time against.

  At exactly 6pm the first debate ended with sadly the resolution not being passed.

  The first day ended with everyone excited for the next!