Report on GA2

BY: Eleni Porotopapa

           Roll call was taken of all the delegates at the very beginning. People that were absent during the workshop introduce themselves by telling their names, countries and a cool thing about them.

           The first ice breaker challenge of the day was telling funny stories. Everyone had to write a funny story on a piece of paper, then scrunch it up in a “snowball” and throw it towards the chairs. The chairs randomly read a few funny stories out loud. The first story was about someone being stuck in an airport for 7 days! Another one got mugged at a club, another one rode a motorcycle with another person, only to find out after they stopped that the person that he was riding the motorcycle with wasn’t his father.

  Lobbying started – talking with allies and people that you are doing the same topic with and then the aim was to merge their resolutions. The advice given by the chairs was to keep on adding on a base resolution, since everyone had a draft resolution, and then come up with a final resolution by the end of the day. People were divided into the 3 topics, and then they started forming allies. The first break lasted 20 minutes from 10:30 to 10:50. After the break ended, anyone that came late after break had to dance. The song was not playing so the chairs decided to sing the Birthday Song to Alexandra who had her birthday on Monday, since they could not think of any other songs. During the opening ceremony all delegates sat accordingly with their General Assembly.

  When we came back to our room, the roll call was taken, once again, and then the delegates were free to continue lobbying. Lunch took place at 13:30 until 13:50. When the time came for the delegates to return to their GAs, whoever was late this time got the chance to dance to One Direction including the Chair, Ata. The Delegate of Armenia, Danae, sang Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” since she was over 20 minutes late. As soon as the entertainment segment finished, lobbying continued.

  Debate begins at 16:00 pm with the chairs explaining all the rules of the debate procedure. They mentioned common phrases, motions, written communication, delivering speeches, etc. Questions were asked about the procedure and talks about confessions.

  As soon as the second break finished from 16:30 to 16:50, the admin staff handed out all the resolutions to the delegates. A reading time of 3 minutes was set. 25 minutes against and 20 minutes for were set for the first debate, total of 45 minutes.

  Delegate of DPRK talked first for the resolution on limiting the utilization of single use plastics in economic activities. 4 points of information were raised from the delegates representing Bulgaria, Brazil, Liberia and France. Delegate of DPRK answered the questions skilfully. Delegate of South Africa then takes the floor, in favour of the resolution. Points of information for this speech were made by Uruguay, Lebanon and Russia.

  The delegate of Liberia wrote an amendment to support the resolution. Delegates of Brazil and DPRK asked points of information. The delegate of DPRK requested to talk against the amendment made by the delegate of Liberia. Points of information given by the delegate of Russia and Liberia. Time for this amendment had come, 34 delegates voted for this amendment. Additionally, a second amendment was stated by the delegate of Armenia. A point of information was asked by the delegate of Peru. No delegates wish to speak against this amendment. The delegate of DPRK prepared a short defence speech and no points of information were given due to time constraints. 33 delegates wished to vote for this amendment and therefore both amendments have passed successfully. 36 delegates voted for this resolution with the changes intact, and 12 voted against. 

  Finally, confessionals happened where everyone had to write a confession on a piece of paper and then throw it towards the chairs. Then these confessionals were read out loud in front of everyone. Some of them were funny, other sweet and others clearly written as a joke.