The Security Council

Report on Security Council , Anna Monoyiou

The workshop started at 9:00. People came into the room, for a friendly chat. In the room we have the delegates of Peru, USA, Russian Federation, Bolivia and Ethiopia. The delegates of Poland and Kuwait have arrived late here. Shame on them. At the moment we are starting with a crowd pleasing icebreaker of two truths and a lie. Special reward: whoever wins gets chocolate!

After some time, we started the icebreakers with the chairs and delegates playing two truths and a lie. The atmosphere was very pleasant and everyone was having a lot of fun! Everyone made jokes as if they knew each other for years! Going on to m&m challenge which means that everyone picked an m&m and for each color there was a question which they had to answer to eat the candy. Surprisingly six out of 13 people got blue which means that they had to say what their most embarrassing moment was. What are the odds! The delegate of Kuwait once went to school wearing his pyjamas! After this, the icebreakers were done. We continued with an introduction of the Security Council. The chairs gave instructions on how to prepare for the conference e.g. Delegates have to know the history, geography, policies, allies of the country etc. The question of Ukraine seems to be the most popular question and according to the chairs it’s hard and needs a lot of research but it’s the ‘’most fun and intense’’. Then they talked about operative clauses, allying, voting, the veto power etc.

After the introduction was done and we had some time before the break so we had some more icebreakers, continuing the m&m challenge. Many people picked green which is if you could visit any place in the world where would it be and why. Everyone seemed to want to visit Japan-mainly for the amazing food! Sushi is said to be the ‘’Japanese koupepia’’ by one of the chairs! Another icebreaker game was a card game where the ace is the murderer, the king is the detective and anything else was a peasant. The murderer winked trying to kill people. If the detective noticed him, the murderer would lose! After this was done, we had a break.

When our 30 minute break was over, the mock debate was ready to begin. If anyone was late after the break they would have a ‘’punishment’’ which would be to dance. Unfortunately, no one was late. What a shame. The delegates read their speech, preparing for the mock debate. The delegate of Bolivia started talking about the issue of THAAD, a protection from missiles that might be given to South Korea. The delegate of Bolivia talked about the ways we should address the problem. There was a lot of discussion between the delegates of Bolivia, Kuwait, Russia and especially the USA. After that, the delegate o the USA stood up for his speech, supporting THAAD. There was a lot of discussion with the delegates of Ethiopia, Peru and Russian Federation. After this debate part was over, no one seemed to want to read their speech so the chairs continued with the voting. Two supported THAAD, the delegates of Russia and Bolivia. Five people were against it. The delegates of Kuwait, Ethiopia, Peru, Poland and the USA. After that, we continued with the spontaneous clause. The delegates had 7 minutes to prepare.

When the 7 minutes were over, we had a debate for 15 minutes. The delegate of Ethiopia thought that it problematic and that it doesn’t directly address how it would directly benefit the government. After a long discussion with the delegates of the USA, Russia and Kuwait where they talked about the weaknesses of the clause and how the DPRK is a serious military threat, the delegate of Ethiopia thanked the delegate of USA and the chairs ask the delegates to write any amendments they have. At that point everyone realized that the delegates of Peru and Poland didn’t talk at all while the delegate of USA had a lot to say! Ironically he was very quiet in the icebreakers and they were very talkative! The delegate of Russia had an amend- ment about this clause being vague and ambiguous. Everyone agreed with it. In the voting, four delegates voted for the clause, the dele- gates of Peru, USA, Poland and Russia. There were three votes against it by the delegates of Ethiopia, Bolivia and Kuwait. The debate part of the workshop was now over and everyone applauded very loudly with a big smile. Since we had finished early, we had our final icebreakers. Everyone formed a circle and answered a question if they got the string. The weirdest thing a delegate ate was snails!

In another question of who’s the most handsome delegate an admin answered that it was the USA delegate. Everyone seemed to be very comfortable with each other. The delegate of Kuwait told us about his story of passing out in one of the biggest cities in the world in China after getting drunk! The delegate of Russia tried to joke some- one for not inviting her to their party, turns out that it was a surprise party that she didn’t know about! How embarrassing! The delegate of Peru’s hardest decision was to move to Cyprus. Now she is very glad to be here. Also the most unexplainable thing that happened to her was to see a plane in the sky, not moving. At the end, everyone broke the part of the string they were holding, letting it fall to the ground while laughing! The day ended with some interviews of the chairs, the delegates and the admins. This workshop was really fun for everyone! We all loved getting to know each other better!