Report on GA4 Irene Leonidou, GA4

Upon their arrival in the early morning of the 12th of November 2018, swarms of nervous but driven delegates took their seats at GA4. Instantly, the room filled with smart outfits and chit-chats amongst friends, while conversations struck between complete strangers who were all eager to feel the ultimate MEDIMUN experience.
The day began with the familiar ice breaker “Never have I ever” involving a ball being passed around and whoever caught it had to state something they have never done. Then, the people who had done that had to remain standing up. As the game went on, more secrets were revealed and even the highly debatable subject of pineapple on pizza was brought up.

The welcoming atmosphere after the ice breaker left the delegates energized and relaxed. The Chair, Karolina Panayiotou, began her informative presentation on what delegates are expected to do, preparing them for the conference in February, by giving tips on how to deliver speeches and write resolutions and explaining the procedure and useful terms.

After a thirty-minute break, the delegates returned ready for their mock debate. The delegate of Albania took the floor, delivering a passionate speech on combating the glorification of Nazism and Neo-Nazism. The apprehensive delegate stressed the fact that this issue still prompts racism, discrimination and xenophobia, which in turn violates human rights. As the debate progressed and eventually came to an end the resolution did not pass, with 18 votes for, 24 against and 0 abstentions.

Following the debate came another fun ice-breaker, a memory game called “Supermarket”. A person begins by saying one thing they bought at the supermarket starting with the letter A. The next person must repeat the A item and add to the list something starting with B. By the end of the game, the last person has to re- member 26 items in alphabetical order. There were some rather interesting choices of items and many delegates had an awfully bad memory, making the rest, explode with laughter. The highlight were when the delegate of Cambodia had to state an item starting with K and she said potassium…get it?

Finally, the delegates were given 15 minutes for lobbying, which is when delegates walked around the room discussing with each other and trying to make alliances to prepare for the confer- ence in February. The workshop officially came to an end and the delegates left prepared and filled with enthusiasm for the upcoming conference.