Report on GA3    Eva Michael, GA3

8:30. The room starts to fill up gradually with formally dressed delegates anxiously waiting to begin whilst simulta- neously our Chairs, Olga Prepis and Michalis Marcoux, get organised while patiently waitting for everyone to arrive. The delegates are introducing themselves to other unknown delegates and are reu- niting with their friends. By 9am, the room is full, everyone has settled down and the workshop has officially begun!

The workshop begins with our chairs introducing themselves and then they proceed to the ice breakers. Two truths and a lie, a ball being thrown (and accidentally hitting people in the head), and all that jazz. After a variety of ice breaking activities, the delegates familiar- ized with each other and they were eager, ready to begin with no stress or uneasi-

MEDIMUN 14th Annual Session

ness. Afterwards, the chairs conducted a presentation which explained thoroughly to the delegates the entire procedure and structure of Medimun, from the history and start of Medimun, to how to research their country, as well as their topic, effi- ciently to prepare their resolutions. Fur- thermore, the delegates that came in late, have received their “punishment” – danc- ing to “Macarena” in front of all the dele- gates. Almost half of the rest of the dele- gates stood up and joined them; and start- ed jamming and singing as well. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves!

After a well-deserved break, the mock debate commenced. Its topic was: the accommodation of minority religious beliefs in schools, particularly MEDCs. Its purpose was to show an accurate reenact- ment of a proper debate and how to deliv-

er speeches. The delegates were given 5 minutes reading time and then followed the speeches in favour and against the resolution along with the voting proce- dure. The end of the mock debate marked the end of the workshop and demonstrat- ed briefly the entire experience of Medimun.