The Highlights of GA2  Andrea Kiliari, GA2

ICE-BREAKERS: Desert island 9:26

‘Remember you’re not stranded on the island, you’re there on holidays!’-Margarita Stavrou, Chair

The delegates were asked to identify one thing that they would like to take with them on a desert island. Some of the most creative responses included an ice cream machine, the 1984 novel and a grill! The delegate of Palestine suggested simply some pocket money, otherwise you can’t buy the ice cream ma- chine.

‘Remove the ice cream machine! YOU NEED ICE, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET ICE FROM?’-delegate of Norway

9:32 The grill remains on the island. At the end of the day you need something to cook your food with.

‘remove clothes, because clothes are overrated.’

Two people, dead or alive, that you would like to have dinner with:

‘Oprah and Adolf Hitler, because Hitler had issues and I think Oprah would help him!’-delegate of Ivory Coast

‘Winston Churchill because I think he was more charismatic than I will ever be’-delegate from Denmark

‘god and an atheist.’-delegate from Sudan
Mock debate 11:09
Question of persuading the BRIC countries to impose strict-

er environmental controls for their industrial facilities;
Delegate of Jordan raises the issue of a 2% change in tem-

peratures having an irreversible impact on the human race. The proposed resolution suggests solutions such as new stricter guidelines for industries to adopt more environmentally friendly methods of production, incentives and compensation for in- creased costs to business, as well as increase in awareness of the issue through the media.

‘We only get just one earth to live on’

What to avoid in the actual debates! Mock debate inter- rupted by the chairs due to laughter in the GA 11:33 The delegate of Palestine in response to the point of information questioning whether clause 7 is vague; ‘Well, that’s why we have an amend- ment’.

The delegate of Cambodia reminds the GA: ‘Over 1 billion of people lack access to clean water’, ‘Economic growth will be hin- dered, countries cannot rely on clean-up projects to save the environment.’

Delegate of DPRK delivers a passionate speech 11:55 ‘The Paris climate agreement is entirely useless. It hinders economic growth, it’s just simple economics.’

Would you rather? 12:50
‘Would you rather travel to North Korea or Syria for a day?’ ‘would you rather kill baby Hitler or Adolf Hitler?’